Bailiff`s Office

In this room with its High Gothic ceiling, the epitaphs (memorial plaques placed on family tombs) demand our attention. They come from the arcaded cemetery of St. Peter and St. Paul and were commissioned by patrician families in Feldkirch. In the lower part of the paintings the members of these families are depicted – from the children to the aged. The subject of the pictures are biblical scenes, e.g. Jesus saving the poor souls from hell or the beheading of Goliath by David. These epitaphs give us the opportunity to see the development in style of clothing during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Amongst the many sculptures in this room our attention is drawn to the figure of St. George and the Dragon. The Roman officer George died in the 4th century as a martyr. During the times of the crusades the fight with the dragon was part of the legend of St. George, whereby the dragon symbolised the fight against the evil. Based on the clothing, experts dated this sculpture at the beginning of the 14th century. The paintwork is original.