The Keep

From the top floor of the keep there is a beautiful view of the old town, of nearby Switzerland (Werdenberger country) and a part of Vorarlberg called the Vorarlberger Vorderland. At the back of the platform room is a large funnel-shaped horn (so-called ‘Bumsa’ after the noise it made) which was used as a means of issuing greeting shots or warning shots. The small water pump in the other corner reminds us that Feldkirch was repeatedly destroyed by big fires, the last time 1697.

On the four floors of the keep one can admire a collection of weapons, once belonging to Rev. Gebhard Wendelin Gunz, various iron locks and keys out of the collection of the Feldkirch citizen Anton von Grebmer as well as a small collection of lances and halberds. In two glass showcases are displayed an original half suit of armour of a vassal (servant) and a so-called chain mail form the 16th century. One can also see the former kitchen of the keeper, a tower chamber which once served as a chamber for staff and the keeper’s room.