Ladies’ bower

One has tried to furnish this room in the fashion of the lady of the castle. The real eye-catchers are the double bed with a wooden canopy and the child’s cradle. The small size of the double bed always causes astonishment. It is believed that the bed side with the decoration of a crown of thorns was designated for the husband while the side with the wreath of flowers was meant for the wife. The people slept on a bag filled with leaves which would be refilled annually with leaves from the nearby beechwood on the Ardetzenberg. The canopy protected the sleepers from any insects potentially falling from the ceiling.

A monogram of the Virgin Mary, attached to one side of the child’s cradle by the parents in the Christian tradition, was believed to protect the sleeping child. That one however could not do completely without superstition is apparent on the other side of the cradle where a ‘Druids star’ Pentagram is depicted. On the wall opposite the bed is a small portrait of Catharina of Furtenbach (1531-1619). She installed the so-called ‘Küchle-foundation’, a weekly distribution of sweet yeast pastry to the patients of the town’s hospital.